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May 19, 2013

After a rough night, I'm happy to report that our day was much better.  Lucy is comfortable, which is amazing, considering the amount of holes in her belly.  She slept a lot today, but when she was awake she was pleasant.  Lucy has an On-Q Post-Op Pain Relief System strategically located near her largest incision site which is delivering a local anesthetic, I love that they did this for her.  She also has a PCA of dilaudid running which is helping to keep her comfortable as well.  Once we got on top of her pain last night, it has been much easier to stay on top of it.

Lucy woke this morning with no fever.  She had two spikes in temp last night that we believe was as a result of a shower of bacteria that spread throughout her body.  There was some fear of what antibiotic we would put her on if her temps did not come down, ugh I hate that this is our reality.  Thankfully after two doses of Zosyn,  no more fevers.

Although the procedure did not go as we had hoped, her post-op course is going better than we expected.  We moved out of the PICU and back up to "our unit" late this afternoon.  Once we arrived back to familiar territory an albumin infusion was ordered followed by a whopping big dose of lasix to begin the process of deflating Lucy.  She came out of the OR looking like a balloon.  I'm always amazed at how quickly the albumin-lasix combo works, Lucy looks more like Lucy again tonight.

The FFP infusion worked as well,  Lucy's clotting studies looked better this morning, her lactate was also much lower.  Lucy is in need of a blood transfusion, but we held off on doing that today for fear of fluid overloading her, we'll do it tomorrow.

Dr. R came in to see us early this morning even though he was not the one on call this weekend.  Dr. K called him last night to give him all of the gorey details.  After a discussion about how things went we all agreed to just take things one day at a time for the moment.  After agreeing on this he told us that we have a tentative date for stent removal on May 31st.  One day at a time... right!
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