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Sleeping Beauty...

May 21, 2013

This picture pretty much sums up our day.  

Lucy was only awake for brief periods of time today.  I have to keep reminding myself that she is healing, and that takes time.  Our pain management plan had some glitches which means we are working on it.  Her incision site looks good, we removed the dressing and replaced it with a clean one.  Today was also spa day in Lucy's crib, nobody this cute should smell so sour.  Much to my surprise Lucy cooperated and dare I say even enjoyed getting a shower cap shampoo.  Getting clean was exhausting and so Sleeping Beauty closed her eyes and went back to dream land.

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Clara-Leigh said...

Glad to hear there is smooth sailing during the healing. And I must say I have pen envy seeing Sleeping Beauty's four-color click pen in the photo. THAT is a girl after my heart!!! Prayers always! Clara-Leigh