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A pretty boring day..

October 10, 2013
When I woke this morning I saw an email from the good doc that read "Stopped by early everyone asleep.  Will touch base later today.  Otherwise pretty boring day."  I thanked him for letting us sleep in (sad but true, I get more sleep in the hospital than at home) and told him that we were looking forward to a pretty boring day.

Our room was dark, quiet, and dare I say peaceful despite being the loudest room on the unit.  Lucy slept pretty much all day, she has that look about her that says I'm not really here even though I'm here.  Yesterday's procedures took a lot out of her.  I was sad to see her like this today because, like I mentioned, we have had some pretty amazing days with her recently.  We savor the good days when they come and look forward to them returning when they are gone.

Blood cultures are still negative for growth as of 24 hours, which is a good thing.  Urine analysis looked pristine, also a good thing.  Lucy's labs are indicating that she is trying to fight off something, her white blood cells are elevated for her.  If I had to guess where the possible source of infection is it would be her bile duct.  Her liver function labs are not great, but that's nothing new.  We are waiting to hear back from Dr. O at Hopkins as to what he wants to do about the occlusion in Lucy's biliary stent.

Drew and the kids came for dinner tonight, it was good to see them.  Lucy woke for a little bit while they were here but then went back to sleep.  The kids showered and put on their pajamas and then went home to go to bed.   Tomorrow's another day, kind of glad I'm not the one who is going to have to wake the kids in the morning.  They are going to be tired cause they left here kind of late.  Good luck with that honey:).

Thanks as always for all of your thoughts and prayers, love and support.
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