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October 9, 2013
We are packing up and heading to DuPont today.  On Sunday just as we were getting ready to leave for an event at our favorite place, Longwood Gardens, we discovered that Lucy's gallbladder tube had come out and was literally hanging on by a thread.  This prompted a quick email to the good doc in which I simply said, "Now what?".  There has been some debate as to whether or not we should keep this tube for Lucy now that she has a permanent stent in her bile duct.  However everyone agrees, including us, that there is merit to this tube and as such we are going to try and keep it.

Last week when drawing labs from Lucy's blue lumen on her central line, aka her life line, we discovered that the line was ballooning whenever we flushed it.  This is no good, it is on the verge of breaking, and as you can imagine a broken line would be a disaster of epic proportions in our life.  This particular central line has been in Lucy for 14 months, that's one year and two months people!  That's a record for us! This line has also had the heck TPA'd (yes, that's a verb in our world) out of it too.  Due to the duration and wear and tear on this line Lucy's going to have this line pulled and a brand spanking new line placed, but not all at once.  Nope, that would be way too convenient.

To complicate matters, Little Miss has been dealing with intermittent fevers for the past week or so which has us all wondering if the almost broken line is harboring bacteria.  Our surgeon believes because the line has been in her for so long that it likely has bacteria on the outside of it that has colonized and taken up residence there.  When we go to pull it there is a fear that Lucy will be showered with bacteria.  Not good, so we are taking measures to ensure that Lucy stays infection free.  Her old line will be pulled today and a temporary PICC line will be placed.  On Friday we are planning on heading to the OR, if blood cultures are and stay negative, to have a new double lumen Broviac placed in Lucy's chest.

Since the placement of her biliary stent, Lucy has been feeling better, praise God!  She has her ups and downs all-of-the-time, but the past few days have been pretty great days for our girl.  Here's hoping that we keep her well and that things go according to plan this week.

Lucy is currently under anaesthesia having ALL of her plumbing replaced: central line, gallbladder tube, gj-tube, and suprapubic catheter - that is if our urologist has time, if not that will be replace on Friday.

As always, thanks for your thoughts and prayers, love and support.
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Reagan Leigh said...

Wow!! That's a lot for anyone to go through! Thinking of you guys and praying for more good days for your girl!!