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January 4, 2001...

January 5, 2014
Jack was born on this day 13 years ago…13-years-ago!

This was the day I became a mama - one of the best days of my life!

Seeing your child for the first time, it's the definition of love at first sight.   I remember his birth like it was yesterday, really I do.  I find that amazing, considering I can't often remember what I did yesterday.  A nurse friend of mine told me that when she worked with elderly patients who had children, she would ask them to tell her about the day their children were born.  She said that they could recount with amazing detail the moments of their children's birth.  

I don't think I'm old enough to have a teenager, but Drew says he is.  Not sure if that's a complement, he and I are not quite a year apart in age.

Jack was the first to call us Mom and Dad, he made us parents.  This parenting gig, it's the best and the hardest!

Yesterday we had a difficult albeit amazing meeting with our  child life specialist Jen, Dr. R, and the kids about Lucy's current status…situation…life, ugh it's difficult to find the words to define it.  The kids had prepared a list of really good, scratch that, really really good questions to ask Dr. R.  He told us to tell them to ask him the really hard questions, so they did.  Our reality, we have known all of Lucy's life that her time here on this earth was going to be shorter than most.  In spite of this, telling the kids that she is most likely going to die sooner rather than later…I don't have the words to describe it.

Today we are going to celebrate life, and the next day, and the next, and the day after that…

Happy 13th Birthday Jack, you are amazing!  

We are so honored to call you our son.
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Franci said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jack! We miss all of you guys so much! It's been really cool watching you grow :) Hope to see you all soon! I wonder if you remember eating wasabi peas at my house.....

Love, The Koehns

The Healey's said...

Happy Birthday Jack and Happy Mom day Nicole. Hope today is a loving and peaceful day for your family to remember.
Love The Healeys