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It's New Years Eve...

January 1, 2014
But then again you probably knew that.

Me, I woke up, more like was woken up by the urology resident, at 6:29 this morning and had this realization.  

We are going to meet our health insurance deductible, and most likely our co-insurance limit, on the first of the year.  How many of you can claim that?

I'm going to ring in the New Year with my favorite little red head…although her hair is not looking so red these days.  She's in need of a bath, that always seems to bring out the red in her hair.

Drew and the kids are tired, there have been a lot of late nights and early mornings over that past few weeks.  Instead of starting the new year off exhausted, they left the hospital before nine so that they can wake rested and ready to start the new year.

Tomorrow night Drew and I are planning on spending some time together, we really haven't seen that much of each other, I miss him.  We are going to rewind the clock and celebrate the new year tomorrow…because we can ;).

Things with Lucy are about the same today, we are trying to space out some of her PRN(per requested need) meds in an effort to assess her pain level.  She has been sleeping so much it's difficult to know how she is feeling.  When she wakes and has pain we aren't sure if it's because we got behind on pain control or if her pain is increasing…ugh.  If I had to guess I don't think she is hurting more, I just think she is hurting the same; therefore, any decrease in her pain meds makes it seem like she is hurting more.    We are taking Lucy's lead on things, standing by her side hoping and praying for her body to heal and her pain to diminish.

There was a code blue called on the floor tonight.  Minutes before I was just coming back from dinner, I am so thankful that I was back in Lucy's room when the code was called.  The kids and Drew were just coming back on the floor when things were happening, the look on Megan's face I'll never forget.  We all said a prayer for the child and also a prayer of gratitude.

I'm not one to make public declarations, I would just be setting myself up for failure and who needs that.  What I am going to continue to strive to do this year is create as many memories as we can with our little family.  Time is precious, be grateful, and live life.
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Amy Gregory said...

Always praying for you all.