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Guilt and Hope

November 23, 2008
I have said this statement a lot recently, "As a mother two feelings prevail, guilt and hope!" I know that all of my fellow mom friends can relate to what I just stated. Tonight Drew and I have the opportunity to go to a party at Longwood Gardens. We love Longwood Gardens and have always wanted to attended a party there. We are blessed with help this weekend. My in-laws came to visit the kids and us too. I know that for many of you, it makes you feel better when you can actually see Lucy and how remarkable she truly is. We know and understand that so well! It just so happens we need a babysitter tonight, what perfect timing! That being said, Lucy has a fever today. Isn't it always the case with kids, whenever you have something planned that is purely just for fun and something you have been looking forward to, they go and get sick on you. Of course in Lucy's situation, any illness could land us back in the hospital so we are very nervous to leave her tonight. I know that my in-laws could handle any situation; however, when your baby is sick she just wants you to be there to comfort her and so comes that feeling of guilt. Oh, I am hoping that she will fall asleep at 7:00PM and stay asleep until at least 10:00pm so that we can get out and enjoy the party for a few hours, oh I'd even take one hour! We just need a night out! So prevails those feelings of guilt and hope!
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The Koehns said...

Gosh, I hope you made it out and that all went well! How does Longwood Gardens look in late November? Still nice I bet... Thanks again for your thoughts- I look to this daily and hope to see your photos and hear some good news. Give all those kids a hug for me please. I wish that I could!

Anonymous said...

You needed a break and we hope that al went well so you could enjoy your evening out--with less guilt. Carey & Michael