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November 19, 2008

Our lives have changed so much! Since the birth of our first baby, nothing has been the same! We have evolved as individuals, as a couple, as the parents that we have become today, and as a family. It has been an adventure. That being said, we are anxious and terrified of what will be next for Lucy. Drew and I are trying to live in the moment, but those of you with children know that you are always planning ahead! And for those who know me well, know that planning ahead is what my life is all about. Lucy's situation has given us a new perspective on life that we were aware of but never really had to face. We love all of our children and want for them the best life possible, no matter what that life is we want them to have the best of it! We love all of our children, and since Lucy's birth have been reminded even more of how great our love is for each of them. Suddenly, what was important before has become even more important now! Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this adventure called "life". We are going back to CHOP tomorrow for an appointment with Lucy's metabolic doctors. We were informed last week Tuesday that they need to see us as soon as possible.
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Anonymous said...

what a tremendous roller coaster you have been on. We will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping for answers and maybe even good news. I know the importance of routine and the struggle that goes with not being able to establish one. I'm sure you will find your way (with several bumps and a road block or two), but you will find what works for you, Lucy and the family. (and maybe sleep will follow)
Love, Carey and Michael

Joy said...

Our prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

If any family can endure these trials, I believe it would be the Marletts. Chris and I have been thinking of you often and watch the blog regularly. Try to keep in good spirits and remember you can ALWAYS call me to relieve any stress, ANYTIME! I wish we were closer and could help.

Love, Kimberly, Chris, Acacia & Bronwyn