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It's Just Viral

November 25, 2008
I took Lucy in to see our pediatrician today because she has been running a fever for several days. Being the mother of four I do not panic when the kids get a fever, because kids do get fevers. But with Lucy I have had to adjust my thinking some. Believe it our not this is the first time that Lucy has been sick with a fever. She has a number of other medical issues but fevers are not one of them. In my mind, I was thinking that it was better to be safe than sorry. I didn't want to end up at DuPont this week because I overlooked something as simple as a fever, so I paid the co-pay to hear these words spoken to me by our pediatrician "it's just viral." That was the best thing she could have said to me today, not that I want my baby to be sick but that a virus is something that all kids get and will go away with time. It was a normal pediatricians appointment, you know the kind when you go in and feel like you just waisted her time and yours with something as simple as a virus. I was happy to have such a "normal" appointment today, not one where I left more worried than when I came. Of course we will continue to monitor her and hope that she recovers from this virus soon! I am also happy to report that Lucy is putting on some ounces! Drew has been plotting her growth much the same way he plots his data at work. He showed me her progress from the last few weeks, and she is definitely gaining, the scale is showing this as well! The ladies in our pediatrician's office noticed that Lucy's eyes were different, less sunken into her face. I noticed this several days after starting the tube feedings, but was happy to see that others can tell as well. It is encouraging to see her growing after all the effort and worry that has been given to her growth! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, they are making a difference!
Just thought I'd also update you all and let you know that Drew and I were able to catch a very cold breath of fresh air as we took in the peace and serenity of Longwood gardens. All of the Christmas lights were lit for the occasion. What a beautiful place for a party! We were able to get Lucy to sleep by 7:30 and we left the other kids to be put to bed by their grandparents. We received a call at 10:20 saying that Lucy was awake and crying. We got home by 10:45 and I was able to put her back to sleep with a little nursing and comfort. It was so nice to have those few hours! Hope we can do it again sometime soon.
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