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November 9, 2008
We woke up this morning to the rain falling. Sometimes you just need a rainy morning to slow you down. Today was the first day in a long time that we spent the entire day at home. Well, I should say that most of us spent the entire day at home. Megan went to her friend Lia's sixth birthday party by herself. That was a first for us, letting her go to a birthday party by herself. I should mention that Lia is the daughter of one of our dearest friends and the kids play together a lot! So, it was easy to let her go today. Jack played with his best buddy Paul, Lia's older brother, all afternoon which made his day! Paul and Jack have been best friends since we moved to Delaware. Paul said to Jack once,"Jack, you and I are like peas and carrots." They are always so happy when they are together! Sophie hung out with the boys for a while and then took a great afternoon nap along with Lucy. Lucy needed a full day at home just to catch up on some much needed nap time. Afternoons like today are what we call a gift. We actually had some time to catch up on our household responsibilities. After a week like we had you can only imagine how far behind we got on everything from the mail to the laundry. We even had time to cook a nice dinner, not something out of the freezer from Costco. Ahh...don't you just love weekends!
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Karen Owens said...

Your kids are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your blog with us!