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January 30, 2009

Today was what we call our "crazy busy day" as we have multiple actives that we love to do on Thursdays. We were, however, given a small break from the craziness this morning in the form of the kids had a two hour delay because of the weather. It was only a small break though, as I had a scheduled appointment for Lucy to see the orthopedic surgeon at 9:30AM. So what could have been a very relaxing morning turned out to be a slightly chaotic one as I was making arrangements to get kids to school on time and all of us out the door at the same time. No matter how I plan things getting everyone out the door at a set time is darn near an Olympic feat! It doesn't help that I never want to wake up in the morning. I try to eek out every last minute of sleep that I possibly can before I attempt mission impossible; getting four kids and myself dressed, fed, and ready to walk out the door in the shortest amount of time. I am so thankful for my husband who very gently, in fear that I may roll over and swing at him like one would do to the snooze button on an alarm clock, wakes me every morning giving me the necessary ten or so minutes before I really need to wake up. I secretly admire morning people, but balk at those who can not stay up past ten o'clock. Sorry if I offended any of you, I think I may have also complimented you if you are truly a morning person. If you are neither than you must be well rested. Anyway, I dropped 3/4 of our children off at Beth's house and headed off to Lucy's appointment. They removed her cast which reveled a very short and lean leg! They did not redo any x-rays because the type of break Lucy had was difficult to assess on her first films. The best way to know whether or not she is healed is to observe her mobility and assess her pain level. She has not been back to her normal since having her cast removed but I was told that it could be days before she regains the confidence to do things without her cast. I think that by tomorrow she will be up but not quite running :).
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