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January 26, 2009

We have managed to keep the stomach bugs away! Jack was the only one who really fought that battle. All of the rest of us felt some relief in knowing that we avoided that one. We are more conscious of germs than ever before! In fact, germ fighting has become such a fact of life that even our kids are telling their friends to wash their hands for as long as it takes them to sing the ABC's "normally". Lucy has had a fever off and on since Saturday, she seems to get these low grade fevers every now and then for no apparent reason, although I'm sure there is a reason we just don't know what it could be. We would like to pass it off as being related to teething, but with no teeth in sight it's hard to say that. With Lucy you never know, we will of course continue to monitor her. Since cutting way back on the solids, she has not had the fussy nights and constant dirty diapers. We keep a journal of everything from Lucy's AM and Pm weight, to how many diapers we have changed a day, to her daily temperature, to how often and how much she has eaten in order to observe, really, anything. Drew has been plotting her growth on his computer and last night we noticed a trend in her weight that confirms what we have observed. Her weight declined the few weeks that we were consistently feeding her solids. We are waiting to get results back from some of her metabolic labs before G.I. moves forward with any procedures they/we feel are necessary. All procedures done on Lucy are complicated because of her inability to fast, we need to be admitted to the hospital for several days in order for her to undergo anything that requires fasting. Our goal right now is to keep her gaining and to keep her out of the hospital, especially this time of year! The only solid food that she is currently eating are Cheerios, I think that she would go through withdrawal symptoms if she were not allowed to eat them. As Lucy is getting older she is becoming increasingly aware of the world around her, especially to what we are eating. She is definitely interested in food, so we are hoping that we will be able to try to feed her solids again soon. Getting her to gain and keep on the weight is our current goal.
So many of you have asked about Lucy's leg. On Friday she began standing again! To us, this is a sign that it is healing as she is bearing weight on it once again. She does not seem to be bothered by the cast, she manages to crawl and get around well. Drew jokes and says she double clutches with her right leg to make up for her left. She is so small that her cast fits in the leg of all of her sleepers, so dressing her has not really posed a problem. Bath time has been the biggest challenge as she would love to kick and splash around in the tub with her brother and sisters. On Thursday we go back to DuPont where they will hopefully be able to remove her cast. I'll let you know :).

P.S. The above photos are just a few of my recent favorites. If you notice in one of the above photos Lucy has no yellow tube taped to her face, that is because she has a new hobby of tube pulling while riding in the car. There's never a dull moment in our lives!
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