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January 13, 2009

After a much needed weekend, we are all recovering from last weeks experiences. Lucy is doing remarkably well for having a heavy cast on her entire left leg. She is still able to crawl around, though not nearly as fast, but is unable to stand which is only mildly frustrating to her. Again, she amazes us with her strength and determination. Don't ever underestimate her, she may be tiny but she is mighty! I will take her in, hopefully later this week, to have a repeat x-ray of her leg done to see how it is healing.

On Sunday, by some miracle, I was able to take Jack and Megan along with two of their friends to see the movie The Tale of Despereaux. This was a celebration for Jack's eight birthday. When I say miracle, I mean that I was able to put Lucy down for a nap seconds before we had to leave for the movie and she stayed sleeping for over three hours . An even bigger miracle occurred when I was able to convince Sophie that not coming to the movies was better because she could have a special Sophie/Daddy afternoon. I also threw in there something about taking her to Dairy Queen all by herself, and maybe also something about being able to pick out any movie she wants to watch from the video store without having to take a vote with her other siblings about who wants to watch what movie. That's what I mean when I say miracle. For those of you who know Sophie, you know that she's VERY difficult to persuade! All little girls love princesses, but a Diary Queen what could be better than that? I will hold true to my promise sometime this week, of course it just happens to be the coldest week of the season.

Back to my afternoon with the "big kids". We affectionately call Jack and Megan the "big kids" and Sophie and Lucy the "little kids", it works for all intense purposes. I haven't gone out without a baby in my arms in months, in fact I am hard pressed to recall a time. I had such a great time listening to the kids conversations on the way to the movie. It was like they couldn't get their thoughts out fast enough. As for the movie, we loved it. One of the things I love to do with my kids is to read books. The Tale of Despereaux is a children's novel that received a Newberry award. We started to read the book on Christmas but haven't quite finished it yet. We know from past experience, that the book and the movie are almost never the same, so we were OK with going to see the movie before finishing the book. After seeing the movie I took them to McDonald's where we sat and talked with their friends about the movie for over an hour. I was impressed with their critiques of the film, but again Jack and I agreed that the book was way better than the movie! Yeah, another win for reading! I had a great afternoon with the big kids and hope to do it again soon.

Drew and Sophie had a nice quiet afternoon. When I asked Drew what they did he told me that they played Wii and watched the new Tinkerbell movie. I was impressed that he watched Tinkerbell and even told him so when Sophie chimed in and said, Daddy played Jack's DS on the couch while I watched Tinkerbell. Oh, kids can keep you honest, right babe! Sophie did take a nap so Drew had some much deserved quiet time at home watching football. Too bad the Packers or his beloved Brett aren't in the playoffs.

This week we now have two appointments, one with Lucy's GI doctor at CHOP and of course now an appointment with orthopedics. I'll keep you posted on anything new. I am happy that it is Monday, that Lucy is doing better, that Jack and Megan are in school, that Sophie and Lucy are napping, and that Drew is back home. It's the little things...
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