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How much sleep is too little?

January 19, 2009
It's Sunday night and we have had a rather sleepless weekend. We are currently at war with a stomach bug. Jack woke up in the middle of the night saying that his body felt "shaky", this is code for look out I'm about to throw up all over you and everything in my way. Drew and I were so out of it that by the time we realized what "shaky" meant we were seconds too late to defend ourselves. We then spent the next few hours attending to Jack, carpet cleaning, attending to Megan who woke and had a stomach ache but did not have to throw up, attending to Lucy who woke as usual and needed to be fed and diapered, and adding the next feeding to Lucy's pump. Two hours later we went back to sleep only to have Sophie wake twice after that to ask to be tucked in again and have her snow globe turned on. Lucy then woke at 5:50 because she was all twisted in her tubes and again needed to be nursed back to sleep. After going back to sleep at a little after six, I woke to Sophie standing over me a 7:20am gleefully telling me that it had snowed outside and that she could see it because it was now light out which in her world means it is obviously time to wake up! I'm so tired typing this tonight. I did however manage to stick to my word today, despite my very valid "I'm so tired excuse", I started back at the YMCA where the elliptical machine kicked my butt! Despite my fatigue, my batteries got recharged as I was sweating off my stress. I think that I am sitting here typing this post tonight instead of sleeping because I am too sore to stand up and walk my very sore a** all the way upstairs. I will make this short as I am legitimately tired. The first stomach bug war of 2009 has officially been declared, we are Lysoling away and trying to keep the kids from touching or breathing on the baby. Well just have to see how that works for us.
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