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May 4, 2009

Hooray for Saturday!  It has been a crazy week for our family!  Lucy had appointments every other day last week and the four kids had activities on the days that we had no medical appointments.  I am mentally drained from our week of appointments.  Not sure what to make of all of them, it appears that every one of Lucy’s doctors are just as baffled as we are.  I feel like we are by far the experts on Lucy and we need to be able to relay the important information to everyone involved in her care. It is challenging to do this at times because it often seems that doctors are either rushed for time or are not very good at listening.  A two minute assessment of Lucy does not even come close to getting an accurate description of what she is experiencing.   Friday’s appointment with her metabolic doctor was frustrating as usual.  Drew and I always leave those appointments asking one another what they understood from it.  I’m always amazed at how different our interpretation of the same appointment can be.   Basically, her metabolic doctor does not believe that we are going to find anything by doing the muscle biopsy, but said that we need to do it to rule things out.  She has a tendency to say things that she shouldn’t!   Drew and I did not come to the decision of doing the muscle biopsy easily.  Every test that we have agreed to has not come without  A LOT of thought!  We are always asking ourselves what will we gain by doing “this test” , and is there a less invasive way we can achieve the same results.  So we are again putting all of our preverbal eggs in one basket are are looking to Dr. Schoffner to give us his thoughts and opinions on our Lucy’s medical drama.  This roller coaster of emotions has got to stop soon, I’m feeling very queasy! 

Oh by the way, we had one more doctor's appointment this week that was not planned.  On Wednesday afternoon when we returned home for being at CHOP all day, Sophie was not acting like her normal happy little self.  Apparently, she was complaining of having a stomach ach most of the day and feel asleep on the floor at Beth’s house.  When we all got home, I put Lucy down for a nap and sat down to watch a movie with the kids.  Sophie asked for something to eat, since she apparently had nothing to eat all day I made her some leftover tortellini.  She took a bite or two and threw up all over the floor.  Now what I need to tell you is that Sophie struggles with chronic constipation, and yes she was indeed constipated!  So, knowing that drastic measures needed to be taken I woke up Lucy and piled all the kids in the car to make it to walk-in hours at our pediatricians.  Who knew that everyone and their sick kid was going to be there on Wednesday night?  It was so busy that we had time to eat dinner at Subway while we waited for our turn.  Thankfully, Drew took the other three kids home with him so that we would not have to expose anyone to the any number of germs that lurk in that office.  Sophie required some drastic measures for relief, a dozen or so diaper changes, some serious mama love, and I am happy to report that we prevented a trip to DuPont!  We are singing the praises of our Pediatrician once again as well as to the fact that Miralax is available over the counter!  When you have four kids you can count on there never being a dull moment!

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