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Splishing and Splashing

May 26, 2009

We had a nice warm Memorial Day weekend where we spent most of our time outside!  We had a pizza party with friends of ours on Sunday night and then went over to Longwood Gardens to watch a fireworks show.  We waited and waited and waited for the show to start, finally at ten minutes to ten they began and so did the rain.  It poured on us and the hundreds of other people that were there.  Three out of our four kiddos loved the adventure, the littlest one did not!

P5233507 P5233515 P5233516 

We went to the outdoor pool on Monday evening and had a picnic with some good friends of ours who also have four children.  Between our two families we made for more than half of the swimmers there last night.  The kids had a blast and I had a night off from cooking.

We have settled into our routines again and have caught up on some much needed sleep, if only I could say the same for the laundry.  Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend too.  Enjoy the pictures! Unfortunately, we did not capture any good ones of Sophie, hey three out of four isn't bad ;).






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