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June 5, 2009

Today I had one of those moments where I looked around my house and laughed silently to myself as I examined all of the things scattered around me.  Drew and I often  joke that if a criminal investigator came  into our house and tried to put together a timeline of events it would not be difficult to determine what we ate for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   The dishes are often partially loaded in the dishwasher, sitting next to the sink, and sometimes left out on the table.  They would also not have a difficult time piecing together what we played with that day or week,  or what we wore recently.  All too often the dirty clothes make it somewhere in the vicinity of the laundry room, but rarely in the laundry basket where they belong.   If they looked in my van, well ,they would probably be able to put together where we have been in the last month, it has been a while since it has been cleaned out.  As much as hate to write this one, on some days they might even be able to count the number of dirty diapers I have changed as I am out of Diaper Genie refills and I have been piling the dirty diapers next to the diaper pail to take downstairs the next time I go or whenever I remember, gross I know.  Today I just smiled as I looked around because our home looks just like it should, lived in!  I love having various sizes of socks and shirts laying around my laundry room floor.  I especially love to see Drew’s socks next to Lucy’s.  I love having piles of laundry for each member of our family stacked up  in a row.  Notice I said piles, with Lucy crawling around there is no way to keep a stack of laundry folded unless you fold it and put it away when she is sleeping.  Unfortunately that doesn't happen very often, when Lucy is napping laundry is not a priority, our laundry room is upstairs near her bedroom.  I love seeing the doll house family set up all over the girls room.  I love even more that one of the members of the doll house family has taken up residence in Lucy’s room.  She just loves to suck on their heads.  I love looking in the bathroom and seeing an entire library of reference books on the floor.  What can I say, our boy is an avid reader, of non-fiction books none the less!  I love that Sophie’s favorite kitty is laying in my bed right where she put it when she came to lay next to me this morning.  I love that Megan’s blankets are piled in the middle of her bed because that is where she sleeps.  She sleeps with her head in the middle of her bed, never at the top of her bed, and never on a pillow.  She sleeps in her bed the same way she used to sleep in a crib.  All of these little messes constitute many of the events of our daily life.  Sure, at the end of the day Drew and I will do the usual pick up and get ready for the next day routine.  We might complain about doing the dishes,  and folding the laundry,  we might talk about having the kids become more responsible and have them clean up after themselves, and I am sure he will say something to me about remembering to buy Diaper Genie refills the next time I am at the store, but know that we are so happy that we have these things in our life to do and take care of.  March 31, 2009 to May 20, 2009 025

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