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Where is Lucy?

June 19, 2009

Lucy is currently in surgery having her PEG tube placed.  They are a little behind schedule today, we did not actually get downstairs for her procedure until 12:00pm.  Once we arrived they took Lucy back fairly quickly.  They gave her a little bit of medication in her IV so that when I handed her over to the team it would make the separation easier.  They warned us that kids can start to act sleepy pretty quickly and/or they can act kind of freaky.  Once the meds went in she immediately started giggling and then she scared the life out of us with when a horror movie type scream came out of her.  The nurse took her from me and told us you never know how kids are going to respond.

Update 1:40

Lucy’s now back in recovery sleeping like a baby.   We were told she did well, which apparently they were a little nervous about when they first saw Lucy.  According to the nurses here, they have this theory about red heads, apparently they are difficult to put to sleep.  I can attest to that on a non sedation level but I have no experience with the sedation part.   Lucy handled the procedure well, but her new hardware looks a little scary to me.  I’m sure we’ll get used to it, but for now it’s strange seeing a tube coming out of our baby’s belly, it’s just not natural.

The plan for now is to just let her sleep.  That sounds good to us, she needs it and frankly so do we.  I’ll update later…

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Amber said...

I am so glad that Lucy did well today, and I hope that tonight is going just as well. So sorry it has been such a rough week for her and you all.