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We are a family, we share…

June 8, 2009

I know I say this at least a half dozen times a day. 

“Sophie, can you please let Lucy have one of the twelve Barbies you are playing with.  Remember, we are family and we share!”

“Megan, it would be nice of you to share one of your pages of your coloring book with Sophie so that she can color with you.  We are a family and we share.”

“Jack, it would be nice if you let one of the girls be P1(Player one on the Wii) so that they can have a turn being in control.  We are a family, we share!”

This is just a sampling of the things we share.  Currently we are sharing some sort of funky wonky high fever, knock you off you feet, splitting headache, very exhausting, fast spreading virus in our house.   It started with Megan who woke up with a 103 degree fever Wednesday morning,  She looked awful, complaining that her ears, throat, and skin hurt.  She was just plain miserable, and just wanted to sleep.  She was most upset, however, that because she was sick she was going to ruin her prefect attendance record.  Her class had been making a big deal out of the fact that she has not missed any days of school this year, apparently she was the only one in her class to hold this position up until Wednesday!  Bless her heart, she has such a goal oriented personality that she was very disappointed in the fact that she no longer held her position.  Jack very sweetly said to her if he makes it until the end of the year with perfect attendance , which by the way is June 17th, than he will share his award with her.  I just love it when they do things like that for one another.  It makes us feel like we are doing our jobs well as parents!

By Thursday afternoon Megan was back to her usual happy healthy self, just in time for Lucy to start acting a little off.   To be honest, I don’t believe that Lucy had the same illness that Megan had.  She was acting fussy, tired, and was more floppy than usual, but did not have the same high fever as Megan.  She did not sleep well on Thursday which surprised me since she looked so exhausted.  On Friday, however, she made up for not sleeping on Thursday by sleeping more than twenty hours.  Lucy did have a low grade fever on Friday night, which is not unusual for her.  What was unusual was the way she was acting, just plain miserable and falling asleep whenever possible.   On Saturday morning she woke up acting more like her tiny little self, which made her dad and I feel better too.  

As for Sophie, well she was doing great up until bedtime on Friday night.  I was reading a Junie B. Jones book in our bed to the kids when she started to say that her tummy hurt.  She had this “I don’t feel so good look” in her eyes which prompted me to take her temperature, sure enough she had a fever.  It came on like that, an hour earlier she was eating a popsicle in the bathtub(the best place for kids to eat a popsicle in my opinion) happy and splashing, the next hour she was out like a light.  She went to sleep in an instant and slept in until past 10:00 am Saturday morning, so unlike Sophie who we  call our rooster.   When she woke she insisted that she was feeling better because she knew that  we had the Gore family picnic on Saturday and she didn’t want to miss it.  She still had that look in her eye which said to us that she was not feeling well, but no fever.  We went to the picnic with all intentions of leaving early.  Sophie not once complained about not feeling well, she wanted to do it all: the rides, the train, the pony rides, eat cotton candy, get ice cream, slide down the big purple slide, and  ride “The Tornado”.  Before we knew it the afternoon had flown by,  Sophie crawled into the stroller, pulled the canopy over her head, stuck her thumb in her mouth and called it a day.  When we came home at 5:30 pm we bathed her and put her to bed for the night.  All day she never complained about not feeling well; however, she did ask to go to bed when we buckled up in her car seat which is so unlike Sophie.

After we put Sophie to bed, I saw Jack lying in his bed reading.  He said that he was tired, which is code for I either don’t want to clean up my room or I am not feeling well.  Since I did not ask him to clean up his room, I knew that he was not feeling well.   He looked tired when we left the picnic and complained that his head hurt, we knew he was getting it.  By 6:30 pm he had a fever and we put him to bed with a garbage can by his side.  Every time he gets sick he thinks that he is going to throw up.  So far  I am happy to report no throw up, but as I type this Jack is laying on the couch, with a fever, and a bucket by his side.

Whatever it is that is making its way around our family we hope that it has mercy on Drew and I.  Neither one of us can afford to be sick!   Hopefully the yuck stops here, and we are spared from whatever germs we are currently sharing!   

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