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June 19, 2009

Update at 5:15


We are back in our room and Lucy is sleeping in her daddy’s arms. When I hold her I have to hold her standing up because when I sit down she wants me to nurse her, she is seeking comfort, I would be too if I had done to me what Lucy has. She is still NPO and will be until at least 9:00pm tonight.  At 9:00 we will try a slow bolus of Pedialyte  and see how things go from there.  Lucy is pretty out of it  right now, and from what we have been told will be for some time.  They put her under with IV sedation instead of general anesthesia, the drug they used to keep her quiet and still for the procedure apparently has long lasting effects.  The best thing for Lucy is to allow her to sleep and wake up when she is ready.  We are fine with that!

Update 9:00pm

Lucy could use some more thoughts and prayers sent her way.  She has spiked a fever and we don’t know why.  She appears to be in more pain than they typically expect for a baby who has just had a PEG procedure.  She is still very out of it!  We just went down to radiology to get a few x-rays of her belly to see it there is something going on inside of her that could be causing her fever and pain.   Right now there are many scenarios that are being thrown out there for possible causes, we trust that we will get to the bottom of this!  Obviously, we are holding off on any feeds until we know more.  She has been connected to an IV of D10 since 5:00AM.  She has not had anything to eat since than and is not acting hungry, big surprise.  I’ll update later.       

Update at Midnight

The films from Lucy’s belly came back at around 10:30 pm.  The good new is that there doesn’t appear to be any sort of perforation.  Now for the not so good news.  Her bowels are full and dilated indicating little to no movement.   This definitely could be causing her some discomfort, but the high fever not likely.  The films of her belly happened to capture the bottom portion of her lungs which looked cloudy on film.  We did a repeat chest x-ray at 11:15 pm which just confirmed the doctor’s suspicion, Lucy appears to have an aspiration pneumonia.  Antibiotics are on their way up. 

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