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A Bit of Trivia

January 11, 2010

You know how there are those people whose job it is to calculate all sorts of ridiculous trivia  facts in the world, like how many hours of your life you spend sleeping.  Do you think that those same people take into consideration the number of kids a person has or whether or not  any of those kids have a sleeping problem?   Just asking, I think that it is entirely possible that I may fall short of the average number of hours one sleeps during their lifetime. FYI it is believed that one spends a third of their lifetime sleeping.

On the same theme, do you think that there is a trivia fact out there in which one has calculated how long one’s house can stay clean after cleaning it?  If not, I think that I can make a prediction; but again I think that this calculation needs to take into consideration the number of kids a person has and if any of those kids have a problem cleaning up! FYI every other Saturday is cleaning day in our house and this Saturday just happen to be our cleaning day.  Just moments after declaring our house clean our kitchen turned into this.  Enjoy :)






If you can’t eat your food then who says you shouldn’t play with it!

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Heidi said...

LOL, how sweet...who needs a clean kitchen with a face like that!
What I would do to see food spread all over Jacks face! Maybe someday...btw, I know its time to clean my house when the kids start writing their names on the furniture! Where does that dust come from anyway! ugh.

Thanks for stopping by. Im really getting close to having someone redo my blog because it desperately needs a facelift!

Hugs and prayers, Heidi & Jack.
(oh, p2p has been up and running good for a few weeks now, although you might not recognize the new format. They are still working on it I think. You should stop in, you know in all that free time you have! :)