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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

January 30, 2010

November 24 - December 14, 2009 226

Yesterday I took Lucy to DuPont for a follow up hearing test.  Last April I brought her there for her first hearing evaluation, at that time she was very delayed in her speech and not really making any sounds or attempts at communicating.  Knowing then that we were going down the mito diagnosis road, and that one of the symptoms of mitochondrial disease is hearing loss, we thought it best to find out what if anything was going on with her hearing.  Her first evaluation was almost normal with the exception of her right ear.  She did not respond to the highest level frequency in her right ear, but overall it was concluded that she could hear well enough for normal communication and it should not be a reason for her speech delay.  We were told to return in six months for a follow up. 

November 24 - December 14, 2009 172

Well nine months later, I am thrilled to report that our girly has NORMAL hearing!  Yes, the audiologist actually used the word NORMAL when referring to Lucy.  I was so happy to hear this that it brought tears to my eyes.  Not that I was really expecting it to be abnormal, she has come a long way since April, but with mito you never know and that is what makes every test so nerve racking.  Just when you are not expecting anything  you get hit with something so far out of left field you don’t know what to do with it.   The test went better than I ever thought it would, Lucy actually liked it and laughed at all the funny sounds and mechanical animals that they use in the sound booth to test these little ones. She amazes me!   

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Anne said...

Yipee! So glad to HEAR that her hearing is normal. One less thing to worry about.

Heidi said...

Nicole, you crack me up! I have a feeling you and me would get along nicely! Ive been trying to get caught up on your recent posts. The wallet, lol, well you and me should never go shopping together! I tend to leave my license, now that isnt always my fault, right?!

Great news on the hearing tests. One less thing to think about. Oh and your carpet, that Elecare is awful stuff. I dont think the mattress will ever be the same either! I cant wait to see the new blog. I decided to do a Blog makeover myself this week, even though I still think I should get some professional help someday! HUGS and continued prayers.
Heidi & Jack.

Heidi said...

BTW, sorry to hear about little Lucy's g-tube getting pulled out, poor baby. Im guilty too, I tripped over Jacks feeding tubing one night :( I felt so bad, he really screamed. Im glad you got the parking permit, it really helps.