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8:00 pm update…

October 31, 2010


Lucy’s femoral line repair did not actually begin until 5:40 pm.  They were able to repair the existing line sparing Lucy the need to look for access in her right leg.  They were able to place a longer catheter in the same hole, hopefully this will hold us until at least Monday.  Our biggest hurdle in having this procedure done was finding a peripheral IV access site.  Thank GOD they were able to administer just enough morphine and Propofol to get her to sleep just long enough to place an peripheral IV in her neck, as all other points of access have been exhausted.  They did say that it took quite a bit more Propofol to keep her still during this procedure than the last.


When doing the x-ray to check for placement of her new line they also did a KUB scan to check for placement of Lucy’s J- tube.  At first glance it looks like Lucy’s J-tube has migrated out of the jejunum.  This could explain our terrible night last night.  For now, we are going to stop feeding through the j and just feed her TPN until we can get her tube replaced in IR on Monday.  Ugh…


Lucy has been recovering down in the PICU and she is doing well, tired, but alert.  When she woke from her procedure she asked for her “hansan” which in Lucy talk means  hand sanitizer.  It’s good to know that all of that Propofol has not made her loose her memory.

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Jessica said...

I'm so relieved that the femoral repair went well! Will she be getting a permanent line this week? I'm praying you can get off of this roller coaster!!!