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Not again…

October 31, 2010

It is 2:50 pm and we are waiting for the PICU to come up and get Lucy so that we can fix or replace her existing femoral line.  Like I wrote yesterday, one of the lumens on Lucy’s central line is not working, they suspect that it is cracked.  We can’t leave it like this because it is a huge source of infection.  Lucy’s temperatures are starting to creep up and that has everyone worried.  Ugh…the longer we are here the more that seems to go wrong!  We can not have a more permanent central line placed today as they do not have the staff to do it, and it is not considered emergent because we have options to fix or replace the existing line.  Lucy will again go under general anesthesia to have this done. 

In addition to the line problem, Lucy’s belly is barely tolerating the 5ml/hr at 1/2 strength formula.  She had a terrible night, one of the worst this week. 

God, please give my baby a break.  She has had enough!

Please, please pray for a smooth procedure and that we can repair the existing line enough to get us until Monday.

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