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October 20, 2010


No sooner did I go and blog about Lucy’s latest issues did she go and take it to the next level.  Lucy is severely constipated, so much so she is experiencing episodes of pain.  She can tell us now when she has pain, she keeps telling us “berry hurt”.  This helps us to decipher even more where her pain is coming from, although she generally always tells us that her “berry hurt”.  She is experiencing episodes of intense pain which if  you saw her belly scan you would understand why.  Lucy’s is full of it, by it I mean poop!

On Saturday she was acting “off”, she woke in the morning saying that her “berry hurt”.  Her belly resembled the shape of a peanut, her g-tube site was slightly sucked in and her lower belly was distended. I knew that things were not right when I went to lay her down for her nap and she began crying out in pain.  We called her main doc Dr R, who just happened to be on call over the weekend, and discussed the situation.  After administering an enema and a suppository at home with NO results, he had us bring her to the ER to take a scan of her belly and to administer a more “industrial strength” enema, which by the way did nothing.  

After taking a look at her scan, we knew we had to clean her out.  We formulated a plan with Dr R to attempt to clean her out at home, because after all nobody wants to be in the hospital much less in the hospital over the weekend.   Fast forward three days and many, many capfuls of Miralax and enemas later and our girly still has yet to have a substantial bowel movement.  I knew this morning when she was crying out in pain that it was time to call Dr R and discuss the next step, being admitted for an in-patient clean out. 

Lucy was admitted this evening for an in-patient clean out, some GI studies, and GJ tube placement.  We are not really sure how long we will be here, it’s up to Lucy’s body, which as you all know is not the most reliable.  They want her pooping water before we begin her feeds again.  She had an IV placed with just one poke, a first for her, and D10 is running.  She is exhausted, but not sleeping because …well… we are here and not at home. 

Our friends the Puffs took the kids for dinner tonight while Drew and I got Lucy situated here at the hospital.  Drew is now at home with our other three kiddos.  He will get then up, dressed, and off to school in the morning.  I was working on the laundry up until the moment we left to come the hospital, the clothes are clean, but folded…not so much.  Sorry babe.

I will update tomorrow.  Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.

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Michelle and Sean said...

Definitely praying for sweet Lucy!!

We have the same problems and Maggie spends most of her days doubled over in pain. If we give her a suppository she just poops the whole thing back out, with no poop, within 3 to 8 hours. Its very frustrating.

We hope all goes smoothly and that she recovers well and can go home soon!!

The Koehns said...

Our hearts go out to all of you!
Love, The Koehns

Heidi said...

OH NO, poor kiddo. Jack did this often at Lucy's age, he had so much trouble with constipation. Since treating his small bowel inflammation and switching to Elecare its helped a lot. But I know our kids are complicated when it comes to the GI stuff. Praying its a short stay for her, it breaks my heart to hear her "berry hurts" HUGS--
Heidi & Jack.