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A quick update…

October 22, 2010

First off NO poop yet, it will happen, it has to!  Dr R and I agreed that at this point we are so vested in this that we just need to stay the course for a while longer.  He even went so far as to talk about who was on for the weekend, so I am thinking that we are really in this for the long haul. 

Lucy and I took a trip down to interventional radiology(IR) this morning to do a gastric emptying scan (GES), because…this was as good of time as any to do one.  She already has an IV in place, we could easily make her NPO by turning off her Golytely at 4:oo am for an 8:00 AM GES, and she is exhausted which means she has no interest in using her muscles at all which makes laying strapped to a table under a scanner really not as tortuous as it sounds.

Lucy GES scan showed that she is dealing with pretty severe reflux which despite being on a reflux med is not helping her.  She also suffers with gastric emptying, no big surprise there.  All of these findings have led us to having Lucy’s GJ tube placed this afternoon. 

We are heading down to IR in a few minutes and we are going to attempt to place the GJ tube without sedation.  Please pray for Lucy that this goes as smoothly as possible.  

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