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September 25, 2011

I may not have made it very clear in my last post, positive cultures mean that we absolutely positively have to be admitted…ugh!  I will be the first to admit that when I received word that Lucy’s cultures came back positive I acted like a big baby about having to come in on a Friday night.  I know, not very, mature, but I was not prepared mentally for an admission last night…I was ready to crawl under the covers of my own bed and go to sleep after the loooonnnggg week that we had.   I put on my big girl panties so to speak and quickly made arrangements for the other kids, dressed them in their pajamas, grabbed our suitcase which I had packed from our earlier trip to the ED, and we headed out.  We arrived at the ED around 10, they were expecting us and even had all of Lucy’s bands ready for her including her allergy band which simply read, “see list exclamation mark”.  By the time we were brought up to our usual floor and went through the usual protocols it was well past 3:00am.  Drew stayed with Lucy and I until we came upstairs and then went home to catch some zzz’s so that he could be the designated driver for the girls first dance classes of the season this morning.

Medically speaking,  it was an uneventful night which was just fine with me.  Sure we had a lot of meding, cathing, labs, and a dressing change to do, but Lucy was stable for which we were all thankful.  Sleep was not in the cards last night, but hopefully in the cards this afternoon.  We learned shortly after arriving at the ED that both blood cultures  from Lucy’s line grew gram positive bacteria.  In our eyes, this means that the likelihood of it being a contaminate and not an actual infection is decreased.

Dr. R came in this morning afraid of the mood I was going to be in,  it’s not his fault but he knows and understands the challenges that come along with ALL of this.   We know the drill, we need two negative cultures in a row before we can even talk about going home.  We  also we need to identify the specific bug(s) that Lucy is growing so that we can get her on the correct antibiotics.   All of this is trying on one’s patience… Of course we have plans in six days that may or may not  include  the ocean, sand, and some quality family time. As we know all too well, Lucy has a tendency to make plans of her own.

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Anne Kerr Thomas said...

Sorry to hear that Lucy's inpatient. I hope she has a speedy recovery. Miss you guys.


Helen A said...

Thinking of you Lucy, Get home soon so I can give you some stink bugs.

Kristen said...

Ahhh bummer! Was hoping you'd somehow miss out on being admitted. Hope they get her on the right meds soon and it's just a short stay. Feel better Lucy and stay strong momma!

Kristen Dunne