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September 28, 2011


On our agenda today was a bath and blood…not a blood  bath, just to be clear.  Lucy was originally scheduled to be transfused in day med today, but since we are currently in-patient we transfused her from the comforts of her hospital crib.  Her skin now has a pinkish glow and her cheeks are rosie red…she looks so warm and beautiful, and she smells good too. 

This morning we woke to negative cultures only to learn ten minutes later that her cultures were indeed positive, and so began the game of trying to get an OR time slot.  We were unable to get an add on time slot today, but we are on the OR schedule (not an add on, we are actually on the schedule) for tomorrow… we just don’t have a time yet.   I, of course, am counting down the days until our beach vacation…if we pull the line tomorrow, then we wait two days for negative cultures, then put in a new line on Friday, we could be discharged in time to leave  for the beach on Saturday.  Of course, all of this is contingent on Miss Lucy behaving, cultures not growing in the next two days, and surgery having an OR time slot on Friday to place her new line.  For a mama who has her days planned down to the minute on most days, these are the moments that I have to trust in the powers that be that all of this is part of a much bigger plan.

My mom is here helping us with the kids  this week.  She came over and had lunch with us  in the new cafeteria, which coincidentally is very much like the old cafeteria, just a different color.  I then spent the better part of my day trying to convince Lucy to take a nap, she was tired since she had only slept three of the last twenty-four hours,  but she could not  fall asleep again.  Eventual, she succumbed to the fatigue and fell asleep ten minutes before her daddy arrived.  She slept the entire time he was here, thankfully we were able to Skype with the kids and daddy just before bedtime…we are missing everyone.

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The M's said...

Praying that the "bigger plan" is the same as yours & that you all get to the beach!! There is nothing quite like pushing something to the wire while inpatient. It's a whole level of stress unto itself!! Hang in there!!