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Not too bad...

February 25, 2013
That is our girl is not doing too badly.  Her labs are indicating that she has pancreatitis but it's not as bad as it could be.  We have NEVER been on top of her pain, never, but it appears that we are doing a fine job of keeping on top of her pain for the time being.  PCA's are a good thing, when they work.  Wonders never cease when it comes to Miss Lucy, what you expect to happen doesn't and what you least expect will.  We'll see what tomorrow brings, as for today, aside from being a wee bit more irritable than her norm this morning, it's not too bad.

Lucy's PCA above...Baby's PCA below
Whatever Lucy has, Baby needs too!  Thanks to Darci for making the most realistic looking cardboard PCA pump for our Girly's baby doll this morning.  The buttons even feel squishy when you push them thanks to some kind of tacky substance placed underneath them...brilliant.  Um yes, Baby also has an NG tube, in addition to a triple lumen central line,  urine catheter, an IV.... play imitating real life, enough said!  

There are so many things swimming around in my head tonight.  Our expectations with Lucy's stent placement are very different from what is our reality.  Tonight I am not going to go into detail about the situation, I need some time to process everything.  The good doc will be back at DuPont tomorrow after saving the world for the past two weeks.  In case I haven't mentioned this before, he is an amazing doc who just so happens to want to share his gifts and talents globally.  I asked Lucy if she has missed Dr. R, her answer "yes, but not really" :).

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