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February 24, 2013
We are hanging out waiting for our transport team to come and take us back to DuPont, they should be here sometime before noon.  Lucy is feeling a little better this morning, pain is not as intense, and no more vomiting. 

We played catch up all night with Lucy's meds.  In other words, the mama didn't get much sleep.

Unfortunately, we had to make many compromises when it came to meds and TPN, there was an error on behalf of the admitting team here which meant that TPN wasn't ordered in time for our girl.  Their pharmacy had to mix up a special bag of dextrose with additives, as well as remake many of Lucy's meds to be the correct concentrations.  Hind sight being 20/20, I think we would have been better off transporting back to DuPont in the middle of the night.

 Sleep has been sparse, and caffeine abundant.

I'm looking forward to nap time this afternoon.
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