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Determination and a Million Obstacles....

February 5, 2013
I was giving Sophie a bath last night here at the hospital when I asked her about her day.  Specifically I asked her what they talked about at church.

"Determination", she said, "but I'm not sure what I should be determined about".

The way she said it made me smile.  The kid is the definition of determined, she never gives up, she always tries to find a way.  I told her that determination means to keep on keeping on, to never give up, to keep on trying in the face of adversity, to hold on strong to what you believe...she looked at me and said, "just like you, Mom".  She made me tear up, and I responded, "yeah babe, I guess, just like me".

My tears were not from pride, my tears stemmed from the fact that I have not felt as determined recently. We have what seems like a million obstacles in our way, when I look at them all it is overwhelming.  I can't seem to separate the million from one at the moment.

We learned today that the GI specialist at Jefferson is not willing to preform another ERCP on our girl, he doesn't feel that it is going to fix things.  We are still waiting to hear back from Hopkins.  The GI specialist there has been out of the country for the past three weeks, he is expected to return tomorrow.

Just talking with Sophie reminded me to never give up, to keep on trying in the face of adversity, to hold on strong to what I believe in...even when faced with what seems like a million obstacles.

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Susan said...

Amen! When we are weak, He is strong. All we are called to do is hang on to Him - and He'll even help us with that part!

And I love that you are still able to do some of those typical "Mommy-jobs" like give Sophie a bath, even at the hospital. DuPont sounds like a very caring, family oriented hospital.

Continuing to lift you all up to our Savior!!