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February 23, 2013
When I woke this morning my prayer was simple, "God please give us ALL the strength to endure everything that we will have to endure today... "
Lucy did well during the transport, the transport team did well too.  They only had to infuse about a half dozen meds :O during the ride.
Luc watched her beloved Doc McStuffins, and had the transport team drawing pictures for her along the way.
We arrived at Hopkins around 11 and....
found our way to the GI suit...
where we proceeded to introduce Lucy to the nurses and doctors here.  Lucy was not really interested in meeting anyone, she preferred to talk with her daddy instead.
Our girl has been a bit anxious today, who can blame her, she wanted to sleep in a crib not a bed...
Once they found her a crib, she wouldn't let anyone in to exam her...remember my prayer this morning,  I sent up a reminder prayer just in case God forgot.
Some mamas rock their babies to sleep, I gave ours Propofol.  I left Lucy in the hands of the team of docs and nurses here at 2:25pm.  They are planning on placing a stent, if her anatomy allows.  

All of our preparations have paid off, we are so so grateful to our team of docs and nurses at DuPont, without them this day would be even more difficult!  Thanks Maggie and Meredith for the tutorial on how to use the Medfusion 3500, and for the PB&J lunch packed in bio-hazard bags :).

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, love and support!  I will post an update later on today to let you know how things went.
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