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Deciphering pain...

December 31, 2013
"My bladder hurts!", Lucy has been consistanly telling us this for almost two weeks.  For her to localize where the pain is coming from is quite amazing, really!  She is has not wavered in telling us where she hurts, except for the two times we went and stuck something in her bottom - then she told us, "My bottom hurts!", smart girl.

What we are trying to figure out is the type of bladder pain Lucy is experiencing now.  Is her pain coming from the inflammation and erosion of her bladder, or is it pain from bladder spasms, or both.  It is obvious that Lucy is in pain, but if it's pain from bladder spasms then we need to treat it with a different medication than if it is pain from erosion of her bladder.  

Lucy hasn't leaked urine since last week, which had us all wondering if she was still experiencing bladder spasms, especially since we injected her bladder with twenty-one injections of Botox on Friday in hopes of stopping the incessant bladder spasms.  Today Lucy underwent a urodynamics study to measure the contractions of the bladder as it fills.  Yep, the study is about as uncomfortable as it sounds.  We learned from the study that Lucy is not experiencing bladder spasms, which means that the Botox worked, or maybe the Oxytrol, or maybe both.  Lucy's bladder pain is most likely pain from the inflammation and erosion of the interior of her bladder.  This type of pain is best controlled by using narcotic medicines, which is what we have noticed appears to be working best to control her pain.

All of the narcotics are making our girl very sleepy and "out of it" looking.  We are all hoping that with the change in catheter drainage systems that Lucy's body will start to heal and she will not have to live with so much pain.  Only time will tell, for now we are doing our best to keep her comfortable.  

Thank you for all of your comments from yesterday's post - your thoughts and prayers, love and support mean so much.     
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