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I was here...

August 11, 2014

We miss seeing her beautiful face everyday, and thought you might be missing her too.  
Password: Lucy
Warning: Tissue Alert

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eckman fam said...

she's beautiful

Kristin Sanders said...

My friend told me about Lucy when people were making hearts for her. My three kids made hearts as did myself;they are in one of the videos. I never heard of mito before then but learned a lot since. In March my son was admitted to 3709F. At one point I slipped into 3708;it was empty but I could feel all the love that had been there. It brought tears to my eyes. The nurses were wearing their For the Love of Lucy t-shirts. I have followed this blog ever since;I have prayed and cried and even though I never met any of your family I think of you every day. I wish there was some way to assuage your grief, that Lucy was home with you even though I know she is in Heaven with Jesus, and that this disease never existed. I was sad I couldn't make the concert but I did donate blood in honor of Lucy. I am so sorry for your broken hearts. xoxo Kristin

Helen A said...

"oh yes Lucy was here and she did her best everyday" she enjoyed life as est she could and she certainly left her impressionon the earts and souls of those she knew. Love you Lucy, and miss all your smirks, smiles and goofyfaces.