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We are doing the impossible...

August 8, 2014
My silence on the pages of this blog has been somewhat intentional.

We are living with what is considered by many to be "the worst thing that can happen to a parent".

 If truth be told, I've needed some time to process.

I have been writing, it's just one of the many ways I try and process things.  I just haven't published a lot of what I have written.  Maybe one day I for now I am feeling too vulnerable, too emotional.

It's impossible for me, for us, to believe that today August 8th, 2014 at 7:34pm marks six months, 181 days, 4,344 hours since our Lucy died and went to Heaven.


Six months, a half a year, feels like something we should commemorate, it's a substantial amount of time.

I believe that I have discovered one of the many places where evil's in the numbers, dates that hold significance to an emotional event, the clock, the calendar...

In so many ways, it feels as if her death just occurred, and in other ways it feels as if an eternity has passed.

I think it goes without saying, we miss her more than words can describe!  More often than not I'm unsure of how I'm going to survive one more minute without her, but I promise to God, to Lucy, myself, and the rest of my family that I will continue to do my best with what I have, and try!

I know I've said this before, and I'll probably say it for the rest of my life, everyday in honor of Lucy we get up and do the impossible...attempt to live life without her.

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Clarissa said...

continued prayers!