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It’s October!

October 6, 2009


Please tell me I’m not the only one who is surprised by this.   This week is the start of our marathon of appointments and procedures.  If you ask me what I have to do this week  or even tomorrow, I don’t think that I could tell you without looking at my calendar.  This morning I took a look at what was on our agenda and by the afternoon I had already forgotten that we had therapy at 3:45 pm.  We quickly pushed the toys over and made room for therapy.  I think this is a sign that we have either too much going on, or maybe I need to take whatever that supplement is that people take to improve their memory.  If only I can remember what that’s called. 

Drew and I were able to go out to dinner alone on Saturday night!  How you ask did we manage that?  Thanks to our friends Beth and Andy, we took turns watching each others kids this weekend so that we could each have a night out.   Even better than that, Beth convinced, or more like lectured me into leaving Lucy with them.  Beth can be  forcefully convincing when she needs to be, so I agreed to leave Lucy too.   She did amazing and so did Lucy:)!  We were ALL surprised with Lucy’s behavior, the kids even commented on how well behaved Lucy was.  Hopefully, we can do this again soon.

Recently we have been blessed with several offers of help and support for our family.  We are overwhelmed ,in a good way, by the generosity of  the  people who have offered to help our family.  It is not always easy accepting help, we feel that we should be able to do it all, but we are learning to allow others to help us in a time of need.  Our schedules are overflowing right now and it is nice to know that we have a little extra help on the days when we are bombarded with medical stuff.  Thank you!

Just wanted to share with you an opportunity to support the UMDF. 

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    This exclusive shopping pass can be redeemed at any Macy's on Saturday,October 17th.(The downtown stores in Pittsburgh, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Boston, St. Louis, Miami and Gainesville, FL, will hold their events on Friday, October 16).
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    Deadline to register is Monday, October 12th. We will mail your tickets to you.
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    Amber Greenawalt said...

    Hi my name is Amber. I found your blog in one of my "mitochondrial disease" googles. I think we might be leading somewhat parallel lives ;) If you would like to check out our blog you can visit us at Our youngest Savannah was diagnosed last month (through Dr. Shoffner!) with Complex I and Complex III...Recently I have been posting about Disney but if you go back I've posted a good bit about mito.