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What did we do today?

October 28, 2009

A lot of laundry, went to music class, ran an errand, did homework with the kids, allowed Lucy to sleep all afternoon, cleaned the refrigerator,  made dinner, and went to NO medical appointments!  Yes, we had a pretty normal day which we were all grateful for! 


Yesterday morning I took all of the kids to our pediatrician’s office to get their H1N1 vaccine, and apparently so did everyone else.  The office was crowded, but I was reassured that those who were in the waiting room when we were there were not contagious.  It feels like everyone I have spoken to in the last week has either been sick or knows someone who has been sick.  We are hoping and praying that we can stay healthy; because as you know, but the kids don’t, we are planning a BIG surprise for the family in FOUR weeks!


Lucy’s hair has been a topic of several e-mails.  It looks better, but is still full of glue.  We have been using lots of hair conditioner and baby oil, but the glue is stuck to her scalp.  She doesn’t seem bothered by it, it only bothers her when we try to remove it.  As hard as it is for me to not pick at the glue or comb her hair, I am going to leave it alone.  Hats are good, she looks cute in a hat :)  

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megan said...

She looks fantastic in a hat!