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A Wizard, a Scarecrow, and a Firefighter

October 30, 2009

Oh my!  This morning things were a little different than our usual routine, each kiddo had an event at their school in which they could come dressed in some sort of costume.  Jack’s school allows them to come dressed in their Halloween costume as long as they do not wear a mask, paint their face, bring a weapon, or have glitter.  That sounded fairly reasonable to me.  Jack dressed up as Harry Potter complete with robe, wand, and lighting bolt scare on his forehead, which by the way is technically not face paint it’s washable marker. 


Megan’s school does not allow the children to come in costume, instead they could come dressed in some sort of “farm attire”.  This prompted some creative thinking on my part and some rummaging through Jack’s old clothes bin to find a “farmerish” looking  shirt, a far cry from the Cinderella costume she wanted to wear.  Megan didn’t want to look too “boyish” so some braids where in order and a little face paint to make her look more like a scarecrow.   That qualifies as farm attire, doesn’t it?


Sophie’s school put an even different spin on the NO Halloween costume rule and instead said they could come dressed as their favorite community helper.  She and I had to have a little heart to heart this morning when she got upset over not being able to wear her Sleeping Beauty costume or her witch costume.  How do you explain to a preschooler that princesses and witches are not really community helpers?  We came up with a compromise and dressed her up as a firefighter, complete with overalls (all we had were denim ones) and a firefighter jacket.  We could not find our firefighter hat, which if you saw our playroom you would know why. 


I was impressed with how they all looked, and that I was able to pull it all off by the time they all walked out the door this morning.   Even better they were all very excited to go school and participate in the days activities!  As a mom of many children, I’d just like to say that it would have been a lot easier if they could have all  gone  to school dressed in their Halloween costumes.  At least I would feel a little better about spending all that money on costumes that the kids only wear for one night.  Halloween is so much fun for the kids, but can I just say a little stressful for the parents.  The best part of Halloween as a parent is stealing some.…ok,a lot of candy from the kids trick or treat buckets. 

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Heidi said...

Too funny, I know what you mean! Can we PLEASE use that $$$ costume more than once!

The boys elementary school also said NO to costumes for the day...however they will allow them to come to school dressed in anything they want (well no gore or weapons!) for a costume parade 3blocks away to a retirement home--then they immediately have to remove their costume once back to the school.

So last year a group of parents tried real hard to eliminate this annual event because of religious reasons... but there was such a protest from the rest of the parents, that they decided as long as they undress after the "Harvest Parade" (NO we cant say Halloween!)they would continue this annual event. Anyway the old folks look forward to seeing all the kiddies dressed up each year.

The kids looked great! I have to say I miss dressing up my little girl each year, at 15 there are NO princesses in our house anymore :( enjoy these years, they go by too quickly. BIGGEST hugs to all your darling kiddos-

Heid and Jack 6, Mito