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Apparently we need to be bracing for a storm…

February 5, 2010

It’s February on the East Coast and big surprise…they are forecasting a huge snow storm.  Every big snow storm that we have experienced in our eight years of living out here has happened in either December or February, and almost always on a weekend.   I have been told that we are getting anywhere from 18-24 inches, these estimates seem to be changing by the hour so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  Things are already being cancelled for the weekend and groceries are flying off the shelves at an astronomical rate, but they aren’t flying through the check out lines at the same rate.  The lines are ridiculous!  I walked into the grocery store earlier this evening because heaven forbid we are out of Cheerios, much to my surprise the lines to check out were all the way to the back of the store, all of the lines! I know running out of Cheerios constitutes an emergency in our house, but I think that even Lucy agreed that mommy or even better daddy should come back after bedtime and try again.  If they are all sold out of Cheerios at the store then let this serve as a warning to all my neighbors, there will be a desperate mother or father knocking on their doors in search of the only food our daughter can eat. 

Seriously, my first instinct was to call in refills for all of Lucy’s meds that are running low.  During the last snow storm we had in December we needed a very specific nebulizer for Lucy as she was sick and not breathing well.  We ordered it through a local medical supply company because they could get it for us the next day.  We paid an extra $56 for overnight shipping only to have a certain express delivery service not deliver it the next day because of the storm, how frustrating!  I am forever learning!  We have what we need to get through the weekend and most of next week, except for the Cheerios,  Drew is working on that as I type this.    

We have a jammed packed weekend in store for us, but I think that we may need to formulate a plan B just in case.  Jack is having his first official sleep over at his best buddy Paul’s house tomorrow.  He is going to be going home on the bus with him and staying until Saturday afternoon.  I think that he will get there with no problems as the snow is expected to start falling at around noon, if anything they will get dismissed from school early which will make Paul and him even happier!  We’ll have to see about coming home.  He is hoping that he will get snowed in at their house and have to stay even longer,  FYI Paul lives but a few miles from our house.  I have plans for a girls night out with two of my three little girls.  I have been a little vague on the details with the girls as I am not sure what the weather is going to allow us to do.  I am hoping that we can at least go out for dinner.  Sophie is hoping that I will take her to the pool,  the thought of swimming during the middle of a snowstorm gives me the shivers.  Drew and Lucy have a dinner date with some Cheerios, if he can find them.

On Saturday night Drew and I have plans to celebrate Valentines day a little early this year, we are planning to be early love birds and avoid the flocks of other love birds .  Our friends the Puff’s have offered to watch our brood in exchange for us watching their brood the following weekend, this is such sweet deal.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the weather has in store for us love birds. 

Sunday we are invited to a super bowl gathering and although I could care less about who wins the super bowl, my husband does.   I think that no matter what the weather has in store for us the snow should be all done and over with by Sunday evening.  Hopefully, we won’t have too much trouble going up the street to their house.

Drew and I were born and raised in the Midwest, in Wisconsin none the less.  We can handle, and in fact enjoy a few feet of snow; but we don’t live in the Midwest anymore, this is the East Coast and snow equipment ain’t (I know this isn’t a world but I just wanted to get my point across, Jack:) what we’re used to.  They plow our neighborhood with a pick up truck that has a plow attached to the front of it.  Eight years we have lived out here and we still can’t get over that.  Whatever happens, I see four very happy faces with rosy cheeks, runny noses, and hot chocolate mustaches in our future.   

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