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It’s snowing like crazy!

February 7, 2010



It is beautiful outside!   The snow is falling at about an inch an hour, we feel like we are on the inside of a snow globe.  It is blowing and drifting and really difficult to see how much snow has actually fallen, there is easily eighteen inches on the ground.  The snow started falling here at around 4:00pm yesterday, the kids had an early dismissal so that the buses would be off the road by the time the storm hit.  Jack and Paul were thrilled since it allowed their sleepover party to begin sooner!


Our “girls night out” plans were not hampered by the snow.  Sophie wanted to invite Daddy and Lucy to come with us because she didn’t want daddy to have to eat dinner all alone, she is so thoughtful that one.  Megan was not as concerned about Daddy and Lucy, but after some consideration she too was thrilled to have them join us for our night out.  I was the most thrilled to have Drew with me because that meant that he could brush all of the snow off the car, help to carry the girls in and out, and I love spending time with him too.  We did end up going swimming last night at our local YMCA.  Our Y is just around the corner from our house so we felt safe venturing out. 



We were a little worried about taking Lucy swimming because she has a difficult time maintaining her body temperature.  Once her body temperature falls below 95 degrees she has a difficult time getting it to go back up.  The pool was warm but the air was cool, Lucy is so pale that she looks cold no matter what but you can really tell when her body temperature starts to fall because her skin gets a bluish hue to it.   Swimming is a big workout for Lucy, it is very taxing on her body.  She loves the water… for about ten minutes, after that she wants to lean against someone or something so that she doesn’t have to try so hard to balance.  Another big issue that we worry about when taking her swimming is aspiration, she keeps her binky in her mouth most of the time, but water is splashing everywhere.  Last night we were only one of two families swimming in the pool so that made for calmer waters.  Megan and Sophie were like mermaids in the sea, they were so happy to have the pool almost all to themselves.  They missed having Jack in the pool with them last night, it felt strange not having him with us. 


We swam for about an hour and then wrapped the girls up in their towels and Lucy up in two towels and a hat and headed for the shower.  Drew washed girls as I dried them off,  dressed them, and blow dried their hair.  Oh me, oh my do my girls have A LOT of hair.  Megan alone has enough hair for at least two people.  The girl has been blessed with very thick, beautiful, hair!  She inherited the Asian gene for thick hair.  Sophie and Lucy have a lot of hair too, but not nearly as thick as Megan’s. 


When everyone was dressed and dried we headed out for our Friday night usual, pizza.  We generally place an order for take out, but last night we conveniently decided to try a restaurant close to home.  Again we were only one of two families eating in the restaurant, it made us feel better knowing that we aren’t the only crazy ones.  Half way through our meal Sophie didn’t feel so well, she was complaining of a stomach ache.  She has been having issues with constipation again…still, but couple that with swallowing a gallon of pool water and she just plain felt awful.  I feel bad for her, I am going to schedule an appointment for her to see Lucy’s GI doctor.   We are concerned.


When we got home Sophie felt a little better and wanted to call Jack to tell him good night.  Jack sounded happy and tired. After speaking with Alicia this morning I learned that the boys went to sleep just before midnight and woke at seven, they are going to be tired today.  I also learned that the red and black check pajamas that I bought the boys for Paul’s birthday have turned Alicia’s house a not so lovely shade of  pink.  Everywhere the boys have been the pink has surely followed, sorry Alicia.  It will be a sleepover that will not too soon be forgotten :).


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Anne said...

Sounds like fun. It was so good to see you and your family last night. Apparently, I do not have your email, so here is the link to the family camp we are going to this June.