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Just a quick update…

February 17, 2010

Lucy is still experiencing fevers, not as high as they were, but still over 101 degrees.  I brought her in to see our pediatrician this morning and honestly she looked better while were there then she had all weekend… go figure.  I had given her Motrin at 6:00am and her fever was still down at 10:30 when we arrived at her office.  After looking her over, her ped and I felt relieved that even though her chest x-ray was indicating some sort of viral pneumonia, her lungs sounded clear and she was breathing normally.  The only new symptom that Lucy developed since Sunday was a goopy sounding throat,  she kept sounding like she needed to cough to clear her throat…of course she doesn’t and at times this can drive a mama crazy.  On a whim our ped did a throat culture, sure enough she tested oh ever so faintly positive for strep.  This is not what has been causing her fevers, this is just something new in addition to the viral stuff she has had going on.  She prescribed an antibiotic to fight the strep and told me to let her know if anything changes.  On our way home we stopped to pick Sophie up at Alicia’s.  While there, Lucy wanted to get out of her seat and play in the playroom.  I could tell her fever was coming back and that she was weak as she was walking diagonally into things.  She came over to me after a few minutes with this very worried look in her eyes and very distinct odor coming from her diaper, diarrhea.  This is something new that we haven’t had to deal with in almost a year.  Whenever we get asked when Lucy’s last BM was by some medical professional Drew and I always have to think back about a week sometimes longer, their expressions are priceless.  These are the moments when I realize that our normal is not the norm.  She has had several surprise diapers this afternoon and evening and has been crying out in pain.  We think that her belly is hurting her, she is keeping her legs tucked up when we hold her and doesn’t like it when we move her too much.  Much to our surprise, her g-tube site is also looking pretty red and irritated tonight, poor girl.  It looked pretty good this morning so I’m not sure what is going on with that, I drew a circle around the redness and if the redness has grown by the morning I will give or ped a call and let her know about this and the other things.  We are scheduled to see the diagnostic referral specialist tomorrow afternoon at DuPont, this appointment was rescheduled from last week due to the snow.  Nothing like making a first impression.  Tomorrow’s another day…who knows what it’ll have in store for us.   

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Heidi said...

Poor baby, thinking about you guys tonight. I pray she gets over this stuff soon. Hoping your appt goes smoothly--hugs to your baby girl.
Heidi & Jack.