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We’re in the midst of a blizzard!

February 11, 2010

It’s snowing again… technically we are experiencing a blizzard.  It has been snowing for more then 24 hours and we have more than 40 inches of snow on the ground, not all from this storm, this is a total from the two storms!  Where are we going to put all of it?   We’re not really sure, but I think that my husband may have some ideas-ha.  We are all home safe and warm, the kids had a snow day today and Drew worked from home as Pennsylvania  has declared a state of emergency.  School has been canceled again for tomorrow, wise decision.  

Tomorrow, or should I say today as it is past midnight, Lucy has two BIG appointments scheduled at DuPont.  One is with a developmental pediatrician Dr. W , whom we have been waiting to see since July.  The other is with a diagnostic referral specialist Dr. R, who we are hoping will be Lucy’s go to  mito doc, yes we are once again putting all of our proverbial eggs in one basket.  We have been preparing for these appointments for sometime and are mentally geared up to discuss Lucy’s past and present medical issues.  We received a call just before dinner from Dr. W informing us that they have cancelled all clinic appointments in the morning tomorrow.  She promised me that she will reschedule Lucy’s appointment sometime in the next week or two.  We were grateful for the call,  relieved that we don’t have to wake up at 6:00am to start shoveling  so we can back out of our driveway by 9:30am,  but disappointed that we have to wait another week or two for this appointment.    Good things come to those who wait, right?!  We are unsure about the second appointment as it is scheduled in the afternoon and we have not heard yet if they are going to have afternoon clinic appointments.  We’ll have to assess the situation in the morning and make a decision.        

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Anne said...

Our appointment at AI was canceled too. Grace's new appointment is Feb 25th. We loved Dr. R at the Diagnostic Referral Group, he is friends with Jocelyn (from our small group). He's an amazing man, let me know if you had that appointment. I'm curious to see what he says. Hope you are doing well, I can't believe no school again tomorrow...