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Change of Plans…

February 22, 2011

Dr. R came in this morning to tell me that Lucy’s blood culture from yesterday was positive for gram positive bacteria.  This changes our plans for pulling and placing her line today.  We need to have two or more negative cultures in a row to place a new line.  The new plan is still to go to the OR sometime today and have her old line pulled. We will have a temporary femoral line placed instead  because Lucy needs to have reliable IV access to keep her alive.  There is a risk that the femoral line could get infected with the bacteria, but we really have no other options for access for our girl.  Once we get two or more negative cultures in a row, then we can go ahead and schedule Lucy for a new double lumen central line.  This is so not the news I wanted to wake up to this morning.  I was seeing the light at the end of this tunnel last night. 

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Helen A said...

I am praying for her, Sorry it looks like two different line placements. Glad you got to meet the surgeon...hope things are going to look up soon. Give her hugs from me.