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February 21, 2011


Really, there’s not that much to report on today.  Lucy’s repair/splint on her line is holding and tomorrow we will have to decide what we are going to do with the line.  The susceptibilities are not back yet, which means we still don’t know what type of gram positive bug we are dealing with.  Hopefully we will know this tomorrow. 

Lucy’s belly is hurting her more tonight, she has had a lot of diarrhea diapers this evening, but none of them have been substantial…sorry, too much info… hey I’m just reporting the news here.  The minute we put her meds into her J-tube she starts complaining that her belly hurts.  We have only a few meds that we put into her J-tube as we have converted as many of her meds to IV meds as possible.  All of the antibiotics combined with the c-diff is reeking havoc on our little girls system.  I wish we could give her something for her discomfort.

Drew is at home with the kids tonight while I again work the night shift.  My parents arrived tonight after leaving Wisconsin last night just ahead of the huge storm that blanketed the state today.  They decided to forego their ski vacation and come out and help us with the kids, really I’m not sure I would hove done that, but they did and we love them for it.  We appreciate all of the love and support, thoughts and prayers being said for our family.  We really couldn’t do this alone! 

Here’s hoping that she does this ALL night!


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Susan said...

Oh, I pray you got sleep last night.... did you?!

... they look so precious when they're sleeping, don't they... :-)

Helen A said...

Hoping both of you are getting some rest. Lucy's hair looks great! It must be so difficult to keep her entertained. hope you are home soon.