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February 28, 2011

Yesterday we took some time to stop and smell the roses.


Our family that likes to go, go, go has not really gone, gone, gone, anywhere as a family of six in a long, long, time.  Cold and flu season, combined with freezing cold temps, and the fact that we need to bring half of the hospital with us whenever we go anywhere with Lucy has seriously cramped our style. 


Yesterdays warm temperatures and the fact that Lucy slept until almost noon made for an almost perfect opportunity four our family to get out of our house.  Two and a half hours of IV med infusions later, no joke, and we were ready to go.  Lucy’s med schedule is a full time job in and of itself.  Drew and I are taking turns waking up infusing and administering meds.  Night nursing is something that we have considered, but for right now we both feel a little weird about the idea of having someone in our house while we are sleeping.

Yesterday, we ventured out to one of our favorite places, Longwood Gardens.  It is so close to our home and yet when we are there we feel like we are so far away.  Enjoy the following picture expose that is my attempt to try and get a somewhat decent picture of our four children.






Perhaps with some serious, editing I could try and make it “perfect”, but that just wouldn’t be us.

We pushed our luck just a little more and decided to take everyone out for dinner.   


Pizza and pasta was what was on our menu… not bugs .  I let Jack and Megan have some time with the camera yesterday and this is one of the pics that Jack took.


Yesterday was just what our family needed.  It felt good to go somewhere other than our usual places school, work, or the hospital.  When we sat down for dinner, our waitress asked us if we were celebrating anything special… the kids chimed in and said “life”.

Please continue to pray for the Agnew family, little Maggie died and went to heaven on Saturday night after fighting a courageous battle with mitochondrial disease.  She left an impression on this world, and will be missed by so many.   

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The M's said...

What a wonderfully NORMAL thing to do!! Love the pics.....what a crew you have got there....every single one made me smile!! SO happy you all had this chance....and went for it, complications of life and all. Hope there are many more adventures out in your near future.

Heather said...

Awww, I remember Longwood Gardens from when I was little. Glad you guys could have such a fun day!

snapdragon said...

I am glad that you were able to have such a fun day!