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Gram Positives So Early in the Morning…

February 19, 2011

A nap is most definitely in store for Lucy and me today!  We had a late night and several interruptions in our sleep that made morning come way too soon.  I learned early this morning that Lucy’s cultures are growing gram positive bugs.  This is most likely the source of her fevers.  Somebody ordered stool cultures to rule out c-diff so we are still on isolation until we get the all clear on that.  Dr. R told me that he was not the one who order the test so don’t be mad at him.   We, as in Dr. R and I, do not believe that Lucy has c-diff, but what can I do.  Despite being tired, one of the best ways to pass our time, and keep us from loosing our minds while we wait for bacteria to grow, is to go for walks around the hospital so we can visit all of our aquarium friends and any other friends that we happen to see in the halls.  When you are here as often as we have been you get to know quite a few people.  Hopefully we will be able to get out later today.

Lucy’s line is in need of repair, and that is what we are going to do with it for the time being.  IV team is going to come and take a look at it soon.  Dr. R told me that his threshold for keeping this line is very low, but he wants to fix it in the meantime to avoid any scary access issues that will arise if we pull the line today.  Again he shared with me his concerns for running out of access with Lucy, I hate talking about that.  Lucy is still not feeling like the Lucy we know and love, but her spirits are high and that makes us all happy.  On the positive her urine came back clean, which is good news considering the massive UTI she had a few weeks ago.

Since we are here, we are taking care of some medical business that is on our medical to do list.  Lucy has outgrown her leg braces thanks to all of the fat and calories she has been receiving in her TPN.  We had a PT consult this morning, and we are going to have Lucy measured and casted for new leg braces sometime this afternoon.  Since we have some lab work that needs to be sent to Atlanta for testing, Dr. R put in orders for that to be done.   If we are still here on Monday then that is when that will have to happen as the blood needs to be delivered during the work week not a weekend.  I handed Dr. R the transition paper work that he needs to complete for Lucy’s transition from the Early Intervention Program to our county’s intermediate unit (therapy coverage for children ages 3 to5).  Lucy is going to be turning three is just three short weeks, what a blessing!

The big kids are in school today, and are tired because we had one late night last night.  Sophie is with a few of our friends today, Drew is at work, and Lucy and I are holding our own here. Hopefully we can all be together tonight or tomorrow.

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