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September 24, 2013
Yesterday was the first day in weeks that Lucy was awake and alert for a good period of time.  She was more "with it" than "out of it".  We are all so very thankful for that!  It looks like we have turned that infamous corner once again!

This toothless smile picture was taken this morning.  And yes, that's an IV in her doggie Petey.

Infectious disease has some of the specifics back on some of the bugs taking up residence in Lucy's biliary system.  We all have bacteria in our digestive systems, it's when the balance of good and bad bacteria get out of control that we run into problems, for Luc there is not such thing as balance.  We have seen all these bugs grow before in various parts of Lucy's body - pseudomonoas, enterococcus faecalis, another enterococcus species yet to be determined, and one more bad bug stenotrophomonas maltophilia.   Oh yeah and yeast, lots of it.  The specifics on the types of yeast will take longer to get back.  These bad bugs appear to be the trouble makers living inside of Lucy, all of these bugs have been infection causing at one time or another.  Psudonomas is the bug we believe that caused her to have colangitits this time, it's resistant to the antibiotic that she was on when she got sick.

Over the weekend discussions were had with the infectious disease team about their recommendations.  Now that it's Monday morning our main doc and I need to discuss just how exactly we want to go about implementing those recommendations.  We both agree that we need to give Lucy time to get better before we go and make any changes.

All that being said, we can monitor Lucy's labs, manage her pain, and take care of all of her medical needs and then some from the comforts of our own home.  Our main doc agrees and is giving us the boot.  We are going to take this show on the road once again, because "there is no place like home"!

Thanks as always for your thoughts, prayers, love and support.
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Susan said...

Yay for home!!!! :-)