Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sleeping Beauty...

She puts Sleeping Beauty to shame,
sleeping more than 21 hours a day at the moment.

We arrived back at DuPont last night just in time to change TPN.  Lucy thought she would make things a bit more exciting for the transport team when they arrived.  She greeted them with the sounds of her cardiac monitor alerting us all that she was throwing out PVC's and dealing with some arrhythmia's. 

Our girl, she knows how to make things exciting.    

Thankfully that was the only cardiac event she had. 

Lucy's labs look pretty much like they looked yesterday, she had pancreatitis going into this procedure and she still has pancreatitis.  We suspect that the infection that was making her sick last week is what probably caused the pancreatitis. 

Infectious disease has been consulted and we are looking into trying to figure out how to keep  Lucy infection free for as long as possible.  Cultures on just about everything have been ordered.
Overall, Lucy is not feeling well.  We are hopeful that with a stent back in her bile duct she will once again be able to drain bile, in turn ridding the infectious bile from that area of her body that we believe is making her sick.

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Kristina said...

She does look like a beauty! I lit a candle today for some easier road ahead for Lucy. Fingers crossed....