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It never gets any easier...

September 11, 2013
I am  staring at the monitors watching my little one's heart rate, oxygen saturations, and blood pressure, the wave length is constant and the opposite of what we are used to seeing with our girl.  Something is going on with Luc.  Whatever it is it's sucking the life out of her at the moment  We're just not sure yet what it could be.  I've probably written/said these sentences a hundred or more times in Lucy's life.  Just ask our main doc, he worries every time I write/say it.

Lucy is about to undergo another cholecystostomy tube change, we suspect that her tube has migrated out of position causing her to be in even more pain.  At least we hope that is the cause for her increase in pain, if it isn't then we will need to investigate further.  In addition she is complaining of constant bladder pain.  From a culture stand point her urine is looking OK at the moment, but something is going on that we need to try and figure out.  Our urology team is going to take a look at things while she is under anesthesia today.

As you well know we are very familiar with hospital routines, but no matter how many times we have been in this position before... it never gets any easier.

Your thoughts and prayers, love and support are greatly appreciated.  I will try and update when all is said and done.
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