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March 22, 2014

Missing: A piece of my heart!

When Found: Please return to Nicole Marlett! 

Reward: Eternity!

When Lucy died, she took a piece of my heart with her to Heaven.

For as long as I live on God's Green Earth there will always be a missing piece of my heart.  It will be made whole again when my purpose on this earth is fulfilled and I am once again reunited with our girl in the presence of God in Heaven.

While Sophie sat at the end of our kitchen island this afternoon painting her fingernails Lucy's favorite color, light purple, at least that's what Luc declared her favorite color to be at the end of her life, I asked Soph, "What do you miss most abut Lucy?"

Her answer was swift, "I miss her personality, the one that would get Helen to do the 100 piece Hello Kitty Puzzle.  You know what I mean Mom!"

Oh yeah, I know what you mean Soph, I miss that too!
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Helen A said...

I miss that so much too, and playing with you and Lucy. Although I really don't miss that Hello Kitty puzzle!

Susan said...

So, so many "little" things to miss... my heart can not comprehend what you are all going through. Praise God for the hope of eternity! Grieving without that hope would be even more incomprehensible. Praying that our Father would bring you and your family His peace, and His comfort - in abundance! We are here for you. Hugs, Susan

Kim Anderson said...

We continue to pray for peace and comfort for your family daily.